British Columbia's oldest sporting association - established 1874

Scroll of Marksmen



The Scroll of Marksmen



The Scroll of Marksmen is a book containing the names of the winners of the Grand Aggregate at the AGM (Annual General Meeting - now known as the BCRA TR Championship) dating from 1875 to the year 2003. The AGM was not held during WW1 or WW2. The photos we have at the moment are not of the best quality and we are hoping that one day we can, not only get better quality photos of the pages, but have the book updated and photos taken of those pages.



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Scroll of Marksmen Cover 1946-1962
1875-1891 1963-1974
1892-1908 1975-1991
1909-1925 1992-2003
1926-1939 Artist