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2018 Entries and Schedules




Summer Cancellations


 Due to extreme weather conditions and staffing difficulties the August 13 2018 Club 600 and the August 25-26 Practice Open Shoot, both at Vokes Range, are cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.




Lower Mainland Region and BCRA Championships


Lower Mainland Information - LMR contact or BCRA contact


LMR Schedule - pdf format - Updated June 11, 2018



2019 entry forms and schedules will be available March 2019


Many LMR and BCRA forms are available in more than one format. If using either of the Word formats (doc and docx) you can fill-in the form using the text boxes and email the completed form back to the Match Director. If you email a form please rename the form to include your name. Please do not make any other changes to entry forms - changed forms may be discarded as being junk mail.


Mission Rod and Gun Club ISSF -




BCRA Sierra ISSF Championship -


BCRA Service Pistol Championship -


BCRA Service Rifle Championship -


LMR Service Rifle Championship -


BCRA Precision Championship -



BCRA TR and F-Class Championships -






Vancouver Island Region


Vancouver Island Information - Contact by Email


VI Schedule - pdf format - updated March 12 2018



Navy Matches -





Kamloops Region


NOTE: the following entries are not for BCRA events. For more information regarding events held at KTSA contact Kamloops Information.


March Match
Art Bourne Memorial Match
Bob Hobbs Match
Frosty Farky